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“There’s no way around hard work. Embrace it.”

                                (Roger Federer)

These are not the words but also a great lesson for the people. Who wants to do something great in his life.

Early life: 

Roger Federer was born 8 August 1981 at Basel, Switzerland. His father’s name was “Robert Federer”. He was a German-Swiss from “Berneck”, Switzerland and his Afrikaner mother “lynette Federer” is from “kempton park”, in South Africa. And now he has both swiss and south African nationality. He spent his childhood in Birsfelden and then shifted to Münchenstein, which is close to the French-German border. As a result, Roger speaks swiss-German, English fluently as well as Italian and swedish.

Although, Swiss-German is his native language.

He started his career in tennis as a”ball boy” at his hometown Basel tournament in 1992 and 1993.

Tennis career (1996-1998):

Roger played his first tournament at grade 2 in 1996 when he was 14 . His main achievement  came in 1998 as a junior player where he won both single and double wimbledon tournaments.

According to the ITF,In 1998 he also reached the final of the US open and won it. At the end of 1998, his junior career ended as 1st position in singles, and the 7th position in doubles.

Moreover, Federer ended his career in tennis as a junior with the winner of four ITF championships.

Olympic debut: 

Roger Federer made his first appearance in Olympic since 2000 at Sydney. Where he shocked many by reaching the semi final.

Where he lost to Tommy Haas and then by Arnaud Di Pasquale in the bronze medal match, and hence, Federer left Sydney empty-handed. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, everyone declared Federer as a champion because that time he was at world No. 1 by capturing Australian Open and Wimbledon titles. But unfortunately, in the men’s single he lost in the second round and in the doubles he also lost in the second round.

At the 2008 Olympics which was held in Beijing, people again declared him as a champion in singles because he was at No. 1. But again lost in the quarter final. In the men’s double he got the gold medal with the collaboration of Stan Wawrinka.

Remember, in Athens and Beijing Olympics Federer was also a flag bearer for Switzerland in the opening ceremony.

In the 2012 London Olympics Roger won his  silver medal in men’s singles. Here he lost in the men’s doubles tournament with Wawrinka.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics he did not participate because he was suffering from a knee injury.

Similarly, Roger Federer due to his knee surgery will not attend the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Davis Cup:

In 1999 Roger made his first debut for Switzerland in Davis cup. When he was 17. In his first match against Davide Sanguinetti in four sets and then wrote down a second singles victory in a dead rubber after two days for Switzerland to advance to the World Group quarterfinals. There Federer also lost his first Davis cup by a Belgian player in five sets. The swiss team lost the rubber by 3-2. After one year, he made his first debut in Davis cup double rubber with his countryman Lorenzo malta. Although they won. But in single Davis cup rubber he again lost. So , they moved to the world’s playoff for the first time in Roger’s career. 

In july 2000 they got success against Belarus in singles and doubles by 5-0 in the playoffs.

His Davis cup came to a climax in 2003 when he became a newly wimbledon champion and took his country into the semi final against France and Netherland by leading 5-0. The swiss team moved to the Melbourne to play against Australia. There he again overcame the runner up of wimbledon tournament in the second rubber but dropped the double rubber into five sets.

Federer then played Lleyton Hewitt in a sudden death situation for Switzerland and although he was leading by two sets he lost in the next five sets. Then Australia came to claim the Davis Cup title as Federer’s interest in Davis Cup was nothing. And now his focus was on his personal career. He skipped many matches for many years but sometimes participated in the World Group Playoffs only for Switzerland to maintain their place in the top division.

Hopman Cup:

Roger Federer won his first Hopman cup in 2001 with Martina hingis. In the final they competed with the American pair.

In next year Roger made a pair as a partner with Mirka Vavirence, but they ducked in the round robin stage.

After a long time in 2017, Roger made a pair along with Belinda Benicic. Here again lost in the final.

In 2018, He again made a pair along with Belinda Benicic and this year they won the Hopman title by defending the German pair.

In 2019, Roger again made his pair along with Belinda Benicic and now they won their 3rd title. Eventually, this time they again defeated the German pair who were also against them in the final 2018.

Roger vs. Rafael Nadal:

Federer and Rafael Nadal faced each other 40 times, where Federer has 16–24 records in total. In addition,on grass  Federer’s winning record is 3-1 on board. and on hard courts 11–9,but on clay Nadal’ record is excellent. That is 14-2. Federer and Nadal confronted each other from 2004 to 2019, and their contention is a critical piece of the two men’s professions.

Both got the top two rankings on the ATP Tour from July 2005 to August 2009, when Nadal fell to No. 3 (Andy Murray became the new No. 2), and again from September 2017 until October 2018 (Novak Djokovic became the new No. 2).They are the main sets of men to have at any point completed six sequential schedule a long time at the top. Federer held the No.1 position for 237 weeks continuously. In July 2005 Nadal dropped Roger from No.1 rank and gripped it for 160 consecutive weeks, before surpassing Federer in August 2008.

From 2006 to 2008, they faced each other in every French Open and Wimbledon final.They additionally met in the 2009 Australian Open last, the 2011 French Open last, and afterward in the 2017 Australian Open last. Nadal won six of the nine, losing the initial two Wimbledon finals and the subsequent Australian Open last.

Some great words by Nadal in the appreciation of Roger Federer:

 “If any individual says i’m better than Roger(tennis participant), I count on this individual not any knowledge about tennis.”

Federer vs. Djokovic:

Federer and Novak Djokovic faced 50 times, while Federer has 23–27. Both won 4–4 on clay while Federer has a good record 18–20 on hard-courts and 1–3 on grass. Federer-Djokovic has the most productive competition in men’s significant history with a joint-record 17 matches played against one another.

Djokovic is the only player as well as Nadal to lose to Federer in consecutive majors titles (2010 US Open and 2011 Australian Open, also 2015 Wimbledon, US Open and 2016 Australian Open), and the only player after Nadal and Murray who has double-figure career wins over Federer. 

Djokovic is one of two players (the other again being Nadal) on visit to have crushed Federer in straight sets at a significant time on different occasions (2008 Australian Open, 2011 Australian Open, 2012 French Open, 2020 Australian Open), however Djokovic alone has done so multiple times.

Legacy of Roger Federer: 

• He has been called the greatest athlete by many analysts of his generation.

• In 2014, Blunt Sedgman positioned Federer number two, behind Jack Kramer, in his most prominent male tennis players ever list in his collection of memoirs ‘Game, Sedge and Match’.

• In May 2020, the Tennis Channel positioned Federer as the best male tennis player ever.

• In May 2021, Serena Williams portrayed Federer as a “virtuoso” and the “best”.

• In July 2021, BBC Game clients picked Federer as the best male tennis player ever.

• During a meeting with L’équipe in July 2021, Richard Gasquet said ‘style and elegance’ are a higher priority than the quantity of Huge home run titles with regards to concluding who is the best. He named Federer, Djokovic and Nadal as the three best players ever, however singled out Roger Federer as the best.

• In July 2016, for the most recognizable people in Switzerland, Roger Federer ranked No. 1 by completing the great personalities such as Albert

• In the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Federer arranged charity match with top tennis players. 

• In 2010, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer arranged charity matches at Zurich and Madrid in the name of “Match for Africa” and got 4 million USD for their foundations. In 2014 Roger and Stan Wawrinka, again in Zurich arranged charity matches and raised 850 million Euro on the voice of ” education for Africans”.

Brand ambassador by Roger Federer: 

The brands that he supports are Credit Suisse Gathering (Advertisements), JURA, Lindt and Sprungli, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, NetJets, On, RIMOWA, Dawn Correspondences AG, Switzerland The travel industry, and Wilson Outdoor supplies.

Retirement of Roger Federer: 

In 15 sep, 2022 Roger Federer announced his retirement in a video which was shared by him on his Twitter account.

Federer, who has struggled through extensive stretches of wounds, was more legitimate about his leave, meaning the Immense Three of men’s tennis — which consolidates Federer’s durable enemies Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic — will in a little while be down to two.

Be that as it may, not before one final hurrah unites them, maturing bodies willing.”

In the wake of losing the Levra cup in London he declared his retirement.

Great words by others on Roger retirement:

• Paul Annacone, one of his previous mentors, said. “I’ve generally felt he was Picasso with a tennis racket. What I will miss most is the magnificence he brought to the game.”

• That’s what rafael Nadal conceded “a piece of his life left” with Roger Federer when his incredible opponent resigned from tennis.

• Djokovic posted “Roger, it’s difficult to see this day and adequately put words to all that we’ve partaken in this game together. Your vocation has established the vibe for achieving greatness and leading with respectability and balance.”

Net worth of Roger Federer:

Federer’s total assets is assessed as 550$ million after a vocation which has seen him procure nearly $1 billion dollar in support and more than $115 million from playing tennis.

That pay has fundamentally come from a combination of profit on the court and support of brands in publicising and wearing their dress.

Quotes by Roger Federer:

 • “I fear no one but respect everyone”

• “You need to place in a great deal of penance and exertion for in some cases little prize yet you need to know that assuming that you set forth the right energy the prize will come”.

• “There is no way around hard work. Embrace it. You have to put in the hours because there’s always something which you can improve”.

• “I used to get anxious, you know whether my folks would come watch. And afterward I would get anxious on the off chance that my companions came and watched. iIt’s not an issue any longer today really on the grounds that now I appreciate it. I see that they, you know, regard me hugely, and I attempt to put on a decent act that I can in any case play generally excellent tennis”.

• “I have learnt to be even more patient”.

• “I can’t stay No. 1 for fifty years, you know. We’ll see what happens”.

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