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Maria Sharapova

I do not believe in luck. It’s continuity, hard work, and not forgetting your dreams.”                                                                                       (Maria sharapova)

The above quote of Maria teaches us a great lesson about life. 

Maria Yuryevna Sharapova, a former tennis player was born on april 19, 1987 , Nyagan, Russia. Who made a name for herself on the court with her powerful groundstrokes and fiery competativenes. She participated in the WTA tour from 2001 to 2020 and ranked world’s No 1 by the Women tennis association. In tennis, Maria was among ten women and the first Russian player who won the Grand Slam.

Sharapova got the world’s no 1 tennis player title in singles on august 22, 2005. When she was only 18 years old. In total she won 36 titles,including the year-end championship 2004 in her debut. Where she defeated Williams and won the title.

Early life: 

In 1990, Her family moved to Sochi, Russia. Her father Yuri’s friend Aleksandr’s son won the two grand slam championships and became the first Russian player who ranked no. 1. Aleksandr gave her first racket when she was four years old. Maria’s father regularly practises her in a local park. She got her first lesson from Yuri Youktin. Who saw her playing tennis and was impressed by her hand-eye coordination.

At the age of six she attended the tennis academy in mosscow, where her coach advised her to move to IMG Academy at Brendenton, Florida. That time her father did not have sufficient money to emigrate to Florida, but he collected money from other sources and moved to Florida for her bright future. Which was done in 1994. Owing to some visa restrictions her mother did not join her but after two years her mother met maria. At the age of 9, she finally enrolled in IMG accademy where her father paid 35000 USD yearly to stay at the academy.

Initial career:

In 2000, Maria won the Eddie Her international junior championship under 16 girls division, where she was only 13. Although she started her career by winning but due to some restrictions of WTA she made her career in junior championships. She also won the rising star award, which is given to those players who perform extraordinary. She also reached the final of Australian junior Open and became the youngest player ever to do so, where she was only 14 years and 9 months old. 

On 21 October 2002 when she was ranked at six in the world’s Junior tennis Ranking she won three tournaments and was the runner up of five tournaments under this belt.

Professional career:

In 2003, she started her professional career in tennis. She debuted at both the Australian Open and French Open. Although Maria lost, she made a brilliant performance when she beated Jelena Dokic in Wimbeldone who was at that time in 11th position. That was her first win in the top 20 players, which helped her to reach the final four. She was defeated by Svetlana Kuznetsova. That helped her to rank among the top 50 players of tennis. At the end of September she won a small WTA title at the Japan Open tennis championship and also a title by WTA as newcommer of the year.

In 2004, She won her third title at Wimbledon warm-up classic, beating Tatiana Golovina in the final. She also reached first Grand Slam semifinal when she baeted Ai sugiyama.There, she also beat Lindsay Davenport who was at 5th position according to WTA and also a former champion. In the final of Grand Slam she beated Serena Williams to win her first major title and also a 3rd youngest player in the world. In octobor 2004, she again made an upset in tennis history when she defeated Venus Williams in the Zurich Open.

In the start of 2005, Maria beat 5th seeded Svetlana Kuznetsova to reach the 2nd semifinal of Grand Slam. And in the final she was defeated by Serena Williams. In February Sharapova won the Totay Pan Pacific Open and Qatar Total Open consectively. Both tournaments helped her to reach the 3rd position. In 2005, she also got no.1 rank at 22 august 2005 but for one week because that position was reclaimed by Davenport. Same year on 12 september 2005 she again got her ranked as world’s no.1 player.

She is the first Asian and Russian player who got the world’s no.1 ranked in WTA.

In the start of 2006 she lost in the semifinals of the Australian Open and in the Dubai Tennis Championship. In the autumn of 2006 Maria consecutively won Zurich Championship and the Generali Ladies Linz. Hence, she ended 2006 at world’s 2nd no. although she ended 2005 as world’s no.1 but the start of 2006 was not for her. She was defeated by Henn in the semi final of the Australian Open. Maria also beated Dubai Tennis championship by Martina Hingis. In the Autumn of 2006 Sharapova won Zurich Championship and US Open consecutively. Hence, she ended her 2006 as world’s 2nd no.

In 2007, Maria was top seed at Australian Open because of the withdrawal of Justine Henn. After reaching the final of Australian Open Maria held the ranked No.1 for seven weeks. She again lost her position after being beaten by Hennin at the Pacific Lite Open title. 2007 was not good for her because of her shoulder injury at the end of the year she just won the Acura Classic and placed her in the top 5.

In 2008, Maria defeated the no.1 Henin at the quarterfinal of Grand Slam, in the Semifinal of Grand Slam she beat Jelena Jankovic and in the final Ana Ivanovic. Hence Sharapova won her 3rd Grand  Slam.

In May, 2008 Maria gained the No.1 rank just because of the withdrawal by Henin’s sudden retirement. In April, an MRI of Maria’s shoulder revealed that she can’t play the Roger’s Cup, Beijing Olympics, U.S Open and the WTA tour championship. Hence, Sharapova finished the season at the No. 9.

Her shoulder surgery made a great impact on her career, she was dropped at the 126 WTA ranking. In 2009 her comeback was finished with the world’s No. 12 ranking. In 2010 also Maria did not win any major title.

In 2011, Maria won an exhibition match against world’s No.2 Vera Zvonareva in Mexico. In addition, she won two Grand Slam and was ranked No.1. At the end of the year she again suffered from an ankle injury and hence Maria ended 2011 at 4th position.

In 2012, Maria started her career at the Australian Open. She was defeated in the final by Victoria Azarenka. As a result Sharapova ranked at No.3 after Azarenka and Kvitova.

Maria debuted in 2012 London Olympics where she lost the final to Serena Williams and got Silver medal.

In 2013, At the Sony Open her start was good, she didn’t lose any set  but in the final she faced world’s no. 1 Serena Williams where she lost her match. It was her 11th consecutive loss against Serena. In the Madrid Open Maria again lost the final to Serena Williams. At the French Open she again needed to defend her against Serena Williams but she couldn’t. In the U.S. Open Maria lost her first match against Sloane Stephens. After a week she withdrew from the U.S. Open because of her Shoulder injury.

In April 2014, Maria won her first title of the year and 30th of her career to win the Stuttgart Open.

In May 2014, Sharapova won the Madrid Open. That was her first title in Madrid. She ended 2014 at the world’s no 2. In 2015, Maria won her 4th Australian Open. In 2016 Maria’s career was not good when her drug test was found positive for meldonium. Which was prohibited by the World Anti-doping Agency(WADA) but Maria was not known about it. On 8 June, 2016. She was banned for 2 years. 

When Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko defend Maria and said:

      “Maria was never banned by WADA but now just because she has American-Russian political intentions.”

So, her ban was reduced from two years to 15 months including the date of her drug test she failed.

In 2017, After coming back from restrictions Maria won her first WTA title in two years.

In 2018, Sharapova again started coming back to the top 25 world’s ranking. But at the end of year when she lost the China Open, Tianjin Open and Kremlin Open it was clear that now her time is over. Her position was 29th. In 2019 Maria faced a lot of injuries that affected her playing efficiency. In 2020, Maria Sharapova decided to retire from tennis after her 800th match.

Net worth:

Maria Sharapova has a net worth of 180 million USD. For 11 years she was the highest paid female player in the world. It is estimated that her gross amount was over 285 million USD from 2001.

She also earned money from modelling and sponsorships for different brands. Such as Porsche, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Super goop(partner),  Sugerpova(co-owner), Tag Heuer, Nike, Motorola, Land Rover, Head, Evian, Canon.

Charity work:

In 2007, Maria Sharapova became the goodness Ambassador of the UNDP program where she donated 100,000$ to the Chernobyl incident related projects.


“I know my roots and I cannot forget the journey I made”.

I do not believe in luck. It’s continuity, hard work, and not forgetting your dreams.”

“A great tennis career is a commodity that a 15- time-old typically does not have. I hope my illustration helps other teens believe they can negotiate effects they no way allowed


“You have your bad moments in your career and your good moments. And it’s been a good lift so far, but it’s not over yet”.

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